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After being represented by a distributor in the market initially for 4 years since 2004, MAXIMATOR GmbH ABU DHABI was established in UAE on 2008 as a Foreign company branch with 100% ownership of MAXIMATOR GmbH GERMANY. With the direct presence in the market over several years, MAXIMATOR GmbH ABU DHABI, equipped with 500sq.mt Inventory, Workshop & Office area, with experienced & trained staff with High Pressure Expertise caters the Middle East and North African market including Units Design, Assembly, Testing and Service capabilities locally.

With engineering know-how from Germany and with our dedicated team of sales, service and engineering personnel, we are able to offer several custom-built systems / solutions with Liquid Pumps, Gas Boosters & Air Amplifiers to meet the specific requirements of our customers in the region. To add our capabilities further, we also supply several pressure related equipment like Pressure Gauges, Mechanical & Digital Chart Recorders, Transducers, High Pressure hoses, etc., and as well involved in designing & fabricating the infrastructures for Pressure Testing for Workshops i.e., Test Bays & for on/off shore Mobile applications, i.e., Containerized test cells.

Our Team

Our Local Maximator Team

Abu Dhabi Office & Workshop

Head Quarters - MAXIMATOR GmbH, Germany

MAXIMATOR GmbH is a technology leader in the field of high-pressure technology. With our components and systems, we offer our customers innovative solutions in a wide range of sectors and applications. For more than 40 years, our goal has been to increase benefits for customers in the best possible way through our experience and expertise in the field of high-pressure technology and the reliability and quality of our products and solutions.

Based in Nordhausen, our company employs more than 400 qualified people, guaranteeing outstanding performance in product creation and service provision

With sales offices across Germany and partner companies all over the world, MAXIMATOR is available to our customers as a specialist in the field of high-pressure and testing technology, hydraulics and pneumatics, guaranteeing bespoke solutions in next to no time. When it comes to pioneering technology, MAXIMATOR uses innovative new developments that support our customers in their business fields with effective and environmentally friendly solutions.

MAXIMATOR develops, designs and produces everything from components to complex systems and even entire infrastructures. As well as high-pressure pumps, high-pressure compressors, valves, hydraulic units and gas compressor stations, our range of services also includes autofrettage systems, impulse test stands, systems for gas and water injection, and hydrogen compressor systems. The portfolio is supplemented and extended by systems for hydrogen refueling and testing of hydrogen components.

An efficient service department provides setup, installation and maintenance of the components and systems produced by MAXIMATOR.

In order to ensure professional, long-term initial and advanced training for our staff, MAXIMATOR has an own Academy with trained, TÜV-certified coaches.

At our Service and Development Centre at the Nordhausen site, MAXIMATOR also offers customer-orientated services such as pressure, burst pressure and impulse testing, autofrettage of components, and a large number of inspections on CNG and hydrogen tanks (type 3 and type 4).

Behind all this is a certified quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001, which helps us to successfully apply our technological expertise and expertise to the field of complex systems.

MAXIMATOR GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of Schmidt, Kranz & Co. GmbH.